This document describes how to animate the display order of your Region Meshes overtime via keyframes.

Animate Mesh Region Ordering

Sometimes you have the need to change the ordering of your region meshes over the duration of your animation. Creature provides the ability to do this via the Animate Region Ordering window.

How to animate your Region Orders

In Animate Mode, click on Animate -> Animate Region Order to bring up the window.


You can do the following:

  • Add : This adds a new Region Order Keyframe at a desired time
  • Remove : Remove the selected Region Order
  • Set Time : Changes the time of a selected Region Order Keyframe

Exporting to Game Engines

Region Ordering data is exported out as metadata from Creature. The information does not live in the default exported JSON/FlatBuffer but an additional .mdata file. Please look at the relevant game engine tutorials to learn how to import this additional file into your character in order to activate region ordering.

Video Tutorial

A video tutorial of the process is here: