FK Motor


FK Motor or Forward Kinematics Motor allows the user to animate bones using a direct Forward Kinematics Scheme.

Installation Requirements

This motor can be installed on any bone.


Forward Kinematics allows direct manipulation of the target bone. It is the most basic and manual form of bone animation. 2 gui controls exist for this motor. The control at the bone's tip allows the user to set where the bone is pointing to. The control at the bone's base allows the user to set the position of the overall bone.

You can convert more complicated bone motor animation into a set of simpler FK Motors using the Convert to FK function in Bones mode. This is typically done when the user wants to manually adjust the results of a more complicated bone motor animation.

Animatable Properties

  • angle This determines the angle in degrees which the bone is pointing at.

  • posX This determines the x position of the bone.

  • posY This determines the y position of the bone.

Static Properties