IK Motor


IK Motor or Inverse Kinematics Motor allows the user to animate bones using an Inverse Kinematics Scheme.

Installation Requirements

This motor requires at least 2 consecutive connected bones to be installed.


Inverse Kinematics allows the user to specify a target point for a group of consecutively connected bones. The chain of bones with the IK Motor installed will pose automatically based on the specified target point. The user can directly manipulate the target point by dragging the target handle when any of the bones belonging to this motor are selected.

Applying the IK Motor onto more than 2 bones might result in jittery animation depending on how quickly the target point is changed over time. This motor allows for more degrees of freedom for the affected bone chain at the cost of stability. If a stable animation is desired, use the Smooth IK Motor instead.

Animatable Properties

  • targetX This determines the x position of the target point.

  • targetY This determines the y position of the target point.

Static Properties

  • Valid IK Angles This will limit the range of angles the chain of affected bones are allowed to pose with. You can select negative, positive or none.