Reverse Foot Motor


Reverse Foot Motor allows the user to animate bones for leg posing using a Reverse Foot Scheme/Method.

Installation Requirements

This motor requires 3 bones to be installed.


Reverse Foot Motor allows the user pose a group of 3 bones representing a leg easily using what is termed a Reverse Foot Scheme. This involves the user being allowed to pose the 2 upper bones of the leg using an Inverse Kinematics ( IK ) method via a target point. The final bone of the foot can have its angles directly adjusted/keyframed to allow greater control over the range of foot poses. In addition to that, this motor also has a property defining the Y position of the ground surface. When the foot lands onto the ground, it will automatically adjust its angle to simulate a foot landing. The combination of IK Posing and End Foot Adjustment/Ground Landing means this motor is ideal for quick, easy keyframed/manual animation of all types of walk/run cycles.

Animatable Properties

  • reverseTargetX This determines the x position of the reverse foot point ( the first 2 bones of the leg).

  • reverseTargetY This determines the y position of the reverse foot point ( the first 2 bones of the leg).

  • footAngle The angle of the foot ( the final bone of the leg ).

  • groundY The Y position of ground.

Static Properties

  • Valid IK Angles This will limit the range of angles the chain of affected bones are allowed to pose with. You can select negative, positive or none.