Physics Motor


Physics Motor deforms the affected mesh using soft body dynamics.

Installation Requirements

This motor requires a mesh region to be installed.


Physics Motor animates the affected mesh using soft body dynamics. This is useful for any sort of animation effect involving deformable solids. Muscle, fat and skin type motion are some examples for the application of this motor.

To use this motor, the user first clicks on Edit Motor. Once in the Edit Motor mode, the following options will be presented:

Physics Motor Options

The user first paints constrained regions onto the mesh. Points that are painted will fully target the animation. Points that are left unpainted will be dragged along according to the dynamics of soft body physics. One can think of the constrained points as organic bone of a creature while the unpainted points as the fat or flesh of the creature. By carefully defining which points are constrained and which are not, some impressive organic muscle/flesh effects can be achieved.

Flexibility defines how flexible the soft body material is. This is in addition to the animatable stiffness setting. Flexibility defines the degrees of freedom the material is allowed to twist and turn as it undergoes physics deformation.

Animatable Properties

  • stiffness This determines how rigid or soft the material is. (Values to try:100 to 10000)

  • damping This determines how quickly the material loses energy under oscillation. (Values to try:10 to 1000)

  • gravity This determines how much gravity is applied to the material. Set this to 0 if you do not want any gravitational effects. (Values to try:0 to 20)