Flap Motor


Poly Motor deforms the affected mesh region by allowing the manipulation of the actual points of the region mesh.

Installation Requirements

This motor requires a mesh region to be installed.


Poly Motor animates the affected mesh via the manipulation the actual points of the polygonal region mesh. This allows you to directly deform the mesh, allowing for precise controlled adjustments of mesh deformation. You typically want to use this motor with region meshes that have been custom authored as polygonal meshes using the Custom Polygon Authoring tool in Mesh Mode.

Jumping between Mesh Keyframes

You can jump between keyframes by clicking on the Prev Key and Next Key buttons. This allows you to navigate across the various keyframes set on the mesh very easily.

Copy and Pasting Poses

When you press the Copy button, it will copy the current mesh pose. Moving into another frame and clicking Paste will paste that pose as a new key pose.

Breakdown of Pose Keyframes

You can force a breakdown of the current pose into a set of keyframes at at the current time by clicking the Breakdown button.