FK Motor


Direction Force Field Motor applies directional wind over a specified area onto a selected group of physics motors. This is very useful for any sort of wind type motion on your animated characters.


Direction Force Field Motor is essentially a directional wind force that affects a group of user selected physics motors over a specified area. This force affects bone physics motors as well as mesh soft body motors.

When the force is first installed, non of the bones or meshes in the scene are affected by it. You will have to click on the Assign Field button after selecting the force to assign the force to groups of motors you want this force to affect.

Use this force in conjunction with chains of Bend Physics Motors to simulate the motion of cloth flapping in the wind easily. If you want this force to affect Bend Physics Motors, please make sure that the motors are all set to Motion Mode.

Animatable Properties

  • angle This determines the general direction of the wind in degrees.

  • angleDelta This determines the angular spread or variation of the wind.

  • falloff This determines how quickly the strength of the wind falls off over its affected radius.

  • freq This determines how quickly the angles of the wind change with over their angleDeltas. The higher the value, the noisier the wind in terms of angular changes.

  • posX This determines the x position of the force.

  • posY This determines the y position of the force.

  • radius This determines the radius of the area the force affects.

  • scale This determines the overall magnitude of the force.

  • scaleFreq This determines how quickly the magnitude of the force changes over time. The higher the value, the noisier the wind is in terms of magnitude changes.

  • turbulence This determines how the initial angles of the wind vectors are placed spatially. The higher the value, the higher the angular variation provided the angleDelta value has been set to be > 0.

Static Properties