Real-time Morph Targets allow you to create a set of morph pose animations that can be smoothly blended and targeted in real-time while running in Game Engines. You author the morph poses in Creature and export them out to have the functionality run live in the desired Game Engine. This allows for some very compelling/sophisticated animation effects to be achieved in real-time, including the ability to have 2D characters that exhibit pseudo 3D Head Turning effects towards a target direction/location.

Video Tutorial

Watch a video tutorial on how to setup Morph Targets in the Creature Animation editor here.


After that, you can watch how to run your user-controllable Morph Targets in UE4 here.


A Tutorial teaching you how to activate it in Unity can be found here here.

How to author Morph Targets

  1. First, make sure your animation project already has a couple of different animation clips for your character.

  2. Launch the Game Export window

  3. Now click on Frame Operations:


Select Morph Targets to continue.

  1. You will now see a polygon shape for your Morph Targets. Click on each point of the shape and select an Animation Clip to assign to that vertex of the polygon.


  1. When you are done, you can test the result of your Morph Targets by clicking on the Test tab:


Drag the target point around to see how your character behaves.

Export Data

When you are ready, you can then export your character as per normal into an export folder. The Morph Targets data will be embedded in the MetaData file. Remember to import the MetaData into the appropriate Game Engine plugin asset. Please read the documentation for your specific Game Engine runtime on what to perform next in order to run Morph Targets live in your game.