Skin Swapping

This document describes the Skin Swapping functionality in Creature Pro. It allows for the efficient authoring of Skin Swap Sets, grouping different region meshes into a single set. This is useful in implementing in-game costume/weapon swapping for your playable characters.


Watch Video Tutorial here

Skin Swap Setup

First, go into Rig Mode, then run Rig -> Skin Swapping Setup. The Skin Swap window will appear (Make sure you are in Region Mode):


  • New - Creates a new Skin Swap set

  • Duplicate - Duplicates the current Skin Swap Set

  • Rename - Rename the current Skin Swap Set

  • Delete - Delete the current Skin Swap Set

You should click New to create a new Skin Swap Set. From there, you select any mesh regions you want included in the current set. Add the selected mesh regions by clicking Add Region. You can remove mesh regions from the current set by clicking Remove Region.

To preview and see how the current Skin Swap Set will look like, check the Active toggle.

Skin Swap in Animation

Now, go into Animate Mode. Run Animate -> Skin Swapping. The same window will pop up. You can switch between the different Skin Swap sets to see how your animation will look like.

Export to Game Engines

Finally, follow the normal Game Engine export process to export out the data into your game engine. The Skin Swap data resides in the MetaData JSON. Follow the guides for your game engine to import and use the Skin Swap Sets for your game character.