Vertex Attachments allow you to mark out vertices in your character mesh for use in Game Engines for attaching things like particle effects, weapons, items, etc.


To run, go into Animate Mode, then click Animate -> Vertex Attachments

Create New Attacment

First, create a new attachment by clicking on the + button. You can rename that attachment by changing the name of it in the text field below. With the attachment created, select it by clicking on it.

Assigning Vertex to Attacment

Now you can click on any vertex on screen to assign that vertex to the selected attachment.

Using Attachment in Game Engine

Please check your Creature Game Engine docs/code for usage of Vertex Attachments. In general, Vertex Attachments are stored in the Creature MetaData JSON so remember to include and load up the MetaData in order to make the Creature Runtimes aware of your Vertex Attachments.