This document describes using the PSD (Photoshop file format) Native Import Pipeline of Creature. This is the easier way to bring characters authored in the PSD format into Creature. The pipeline will automatically create the different mesh regions of your character based off the layers of your image. It will also automatically place the regions in position in Rig mode.

If you prefer to pack your layered images in a custom way or have other requirements, please have a look the PSD Autolayout Script documentation.

Artwork Copyright: O.T.K Games


  1. A PSD File with your character in it
  2. Only a Single Level Hierarchy is supported for layers. All body part images should be in each of these layers.
  3. Make sure each layer is named appropriately with no special ( non ASCII ) characters. Essentially it should be named the same way you would name a filename.
  4. Make sure there are no extra body parts/layers other than the ones required for the character and that they are all placed in their correct positions of the character.

Video Tutorial

A video tutorial documenting the process is described here.

Step 1: Creating the Region Meshes

In Meshing mode, click on Import Texture -> Import Multiple PNGs or PSD File:


This brings up the Texture Packer. Click on Import Photoshop PSD File:


Choose your PSD File, you will then be prompted for a resolution for texture packing. Make sure the resolution is large enough, otherwise the operation will error out. If the size is large enough, you will see the newly packed image:


Click Finish and Remesh. You will then be asked for the appropriate Grid Mesh Resolution. Again, make sure the resolution of the grid is fine enough to resolve all the regions of your packed image. If you the resolution is too small and it fails to resolve, repeat the above process again ( Re-import the PSD and start over ).

Once you are successful, all the mesh regions will be created and correctly named in Meshing mode:


Step 2: Placing Mesh Regions in Rig Mode

Switch to Rig Mode, and then click on Tools -> Setup Rig Regions from PSD File... :


Pick your PSD file, you will then be prompted for a Layout Scale:


The default value of 0.8 might not work for your character. Typically you will try this step and find out the mesh regions are either placed too far apart or too close apart. You can easily fix it by setting different values for the Layout Scale. If the character is too far apart, pick a smaller layout scale ( sometimes a small value of 0.1 or 0.3 works ).

With the correct Layout Scale, the character will be aligned and placed with the regions all added for you on screen:


Again repeat this process for different values of the Layout Scale.

Tips for PSD Import

No Extra Body Parts/Misplaced Body Parts in PSD

By default, the scaling of 0.8 should be correct and place your character properly on screen without any tweaking. If you are experiencing the need to tweak the scaling value quite often, chances are you have extra or misplaced body parts in your imported PSD file. Remove those body parts ( they might be hidden layers ) and re-import the PSD again.