This document provides a list of freely downloadable Rig Templates that you can use to create and rig your characters much more easily. Run the Rig Templates feature in the Bone Rigging Mode to activate and use Rig Templates.

Available Rig Templates

Human Biped Template


A standard Biped Human Template. Useful for any generic biped humanoid character. Download here.

Woman Biped Template


A standard Biped Woman Human Template. This template has an additional chain of bones for long, wavy hair. Download here.

Human Front Facing Template


A front facing Human Template. Useful for a bipedal humanoid that faces the viewer. Download here.

Quadruped Template


A quadruped character template. Useful for horses, cats, dogs and other 4 legged animals. Download here.

Dino Template


A bipedal Dinosaur Template. Use this for characters resembling theropod meat-eating dinosaurs. Download here.

Bird Flying Template


A Flying Bird Template. The wings regions should have Mesh Flap Motors installed on them to simulate flapping motion. Download here.