This document describes the Smart AI Rig functionality available for Creature Pro Windows. Smart AI Rig uses advanced Deep Learning technology to automatically rig and weigh your Humanoid Characters. In the future, we will expand the offering to non-humanoid characters as well. This technology saves you quite a bit of time in rigging and weighting any human-like bipedal character.

Video Tutorial

The video tutorial for this feature can be viewed here.

How to Run

First, go into Rigging Mode. Click on the Smart AI Rig/Rig Templates icon:


  1. Click on Smart AI Rig

  2. If this is your first time running this feature, it will ask you to download the required Smart Rig Data. Follow the instructions to download the required data.

  3. Smart AI Rig will run once the required data has been downloaded onto your machine.


Here is the Smart AI Rig screen:


Easy Fast Manual Rigging

By default, a humanoid T-pose has already been placed on top of your character. You can simply Drag the Bone Nodes into place. Then click on Create Rig to make the rig.

Using AI to automate Rigging

To take advantage of AI auto rigging, let's take a look at what the toolbar in the Smart AI Rig window provides:


  • Display Size: Changes the bone nodes UI display size
  • Auto AI Rig: Runs the AI to auto-rig your humanoid character
  • Reset Pose: Resets the pose back into the T-pose
  • Auto Weight: Toggles ON/OFF auto-weighting when the rig is created. If set to ON, your rig will go through one round of auto weighting.
  • Create Rig: Creates a new humanoid rig in Rigging Mode

To run auto-rigging, simply click on Auto Ai Rig:


If your character is human-like, the AI will infer with a high probability of correctness where the limbs, head and torso of your character are. After the AI has placed the bone nodes for you, you can still go in and manually drag/refine the bone nodes to fit your character.

Click Create Rig to make the rig when you are satisfied with the results! :)