This document describes the Spine to Creature Project Converter tool. It allows you to convert basic Spine projects into a valid Creature project. All region attachments get automatically converted into Creature's mesh regions.

Video Tutorial

Please view a video tutorial of the process here.

How to run

Go into Tools -> Spine To Creature Project Convert :


  • Atlas The Square Atlas file of your exported Spine Animation

  • Export JSON The exported animation JSON from Spine

  • New Project Designated new Creature Project folder

  • Grid X Grid resolution in X to mesh the attachment regions

  • Grid Y Grid resolution in Y to mesh the attachment regions

  • Doc Scale Sizing and fitting of the attachment regions to the rig. ( 0.0 - 1.0 )

  • FPS Sampling rate, the higher the FPS, the smoother but slower the converted animation


  • Make sure you are using a Square texture atlas
  • If the attachment regions do not fit, try reducing or increasing the values of Doc Scale
  • Make sure you have enough grid resolution to mesh all the regions


As of right now, basic conversions are supported. The rig and attachment regions together with FK animation data should all be converted over.

  • Skinning is currently not supported, but you should be able to manually add back in the mesh regions after conversion.
  • Constraints like IK constraints are not supported yet ( but will be in the future ). You should manually add in IK motors after conversion.
  • Attachment swapping is not supported, please use Sprite Swapping after conversion.

The converter improvements is an ongoing process, more features will be added moving forwards.