convert in some way a 3d character into 2d

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convert in some way a 3d character into 2d

Post by ziomario » Mon Jun 25, 2018 9:04 am


today while I was searching for "BVH files and 2d characters" through google,I went directly here : ... tudio.html

maybe finding exactly what I need. But before to tell it for sure,I would like to explain what's the global situation and goal that I want to achieve.

First of all let's say that I'm a blender user from 1 year now. I like blender,even if it is not the easier tool all around. It takes some time to learn how to do what you want. Actually I'm working on a project like this :

I've got a long movie and with a serie of scripts,created with da vinci resolve and the batch language,I have split that movie in a lot of sections. Each section lasts the exact time that lasts the relative subtitle to appear and disappear. In other words I have cut all the pictures where the actors perform movements that are not useful to understand the development of the movie. The original movie had 125.000 pictures,now I have 3000 key pictures. With another script I have duplicated these picture as many not useful pictures I had cut before. This is the result : ;

the next stage is to alter that 3000 pictures with blender,super imposing all the 3d elements that I want to these pictures,especially as regards the appearance of the characters. I want to change the way of dressing, the hair, the features of the actor's faces,leaving untouched the background. Now the challenge is to adapt the background to the new character's textures,to fool the eye and to let it thinking that those characters have always been there.

Doing this I realized that it's not easy at all to match perfectly the actor that's inside the photo with a 3d rigged character. For this reason,I've tought that a good idea could be to use a 2d rigged character that fits better with the background image that I have applied to a 2d plane. Question is that all the BVH files that I want to use to animate the character cannot be used with a 2d character. This was valid before to find your tool...

Now,the question is that I have already rigged my character inside blender and usually I rig the character using blender AND the fact that usually I find a lot of 3d good character on "blenderswap" website. So,first of all I need to convert in some way a 3d character into 2d ? how can I do that ? thanks.

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Re: convert in some way a 3d character into 2d

Post by chong » Mon Jun 25, 2018 3:24 pm


So you can try using the obj to 2D character project creation with Creature. However, I do not think the export format will be compatible with Blender. Creature supports FBX Export ( for mesh skinning only with bone motors, no advanced non skinning mesh motors ). However, Blender's FBX Support is not ideal and thus you might possibly encounter some problems. Creature also supports alembic export, if you can somehow get Blender to import in Alembic files that might work. In general though, Creature does not support importing Blender 3D asset files, you will have to figure out a way to either re-rig them as 2d characters in creature and animate the whole character with Creature instead of blender. You can use the 3D Obj project creation in Creature to assist you but you will need to re-create all animations and re-rig everything in Creature.


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