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Json filesize

Post by Dereknor » Mon Apr 08, 2019 8:44 pm


I just consider to use a 2D animation tool for private use in my 3D projects. Im using babylon.js.

To see how to import the animation, i downloaded some of the samples and i managed to import them into my project.

But i noticed that all the sample animations are pretty big in filesize, even vor small animations. The file size was between 1-8 Mb(just the json without graphic). what is way too large for a web project.

I also tried some samples made in spine. They had a filesize of 30-60 kb. So im a bit confused. Are creature files really that large, or are the samples just unoptimized?

The Filesize is a very important point.

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Re: Json filesize

Post by chong » Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:27 pm


Actually file sizes for Creature can be very tiny and smaller than Spine.
There are 3 types of export formats Creature supports:
2) Flatbuffers Binary
3) CreaturePack ( the most optimal + compact )

In addition to that, each of these formats also has a wide variety of animation compression settings ( Delta + Gap Step + Mesh Resolution Reduction ) which allow you to shrink your file sizes even more. ( Spine is small because it is by default not a mesh-based animation tool. You can switch over to their mesh-based FFD options at which point if they were to author meshes on the same order + complexity as Creature, they will be just as large or larger )

For the purposes of delivery on BabylonJS, you can consider using CreaturePack which will be the most optimal.
I highly recommend you watch this tutorial video on how to export high quality + tiny animations using the CreaturePack format in Creature:

If you go to the Creature WebGL github page:

You should see mentions about CreaturePack as well. In fact, there is a WebAssembly optimized runtime for it for BabylonJS:
https://github.com/kestrelm/Creature_We ... aster/wasm

All these Web demos here are running in BabylonJS:
https://creature.kestrelmoon.com/WebDem ... mples.html

The actual animation file sizes are also listed there, you can see that they are quite tiny for the quality of the animations they are producing ( Fully Animated Free Form Deformations ) Remember also the size of the animation will depend on the length of the animation getting exported. In the case of the samples, those are all rather lengthy ones demonstrating the capabilities of the tool.

Finally, I will also like to mention that Creature allows you to export bone motor based purely mesh skinned animations to GLTF. This means that it can be compatible with any GLTF GPU-accelerated playback in the latest webgl frameworks, including BabylonJS:


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Re: Json filesize

Post by Dereknor » Sat May 04, 2019 9:31 pm

Thank you for the answer.

The file Size of the Web Demo animations are a lot smaller then the ones on the example website. Thats what I was looking for. 5MB would be way to much for an animation, but 0.3 MB is great.

I will consider using Creature for my Babylon.js project.

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