Some bugs I found in mesh mode

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Some bugs I found in mesh mode

Post by furrfire » Thu Jun 13, 2019 7:31 am

Found a few bugs in mesh mode, not sure if you know about these already or not so here you go.

BUG #1
When using the "move selected mesh" mode, you don't actually see the mesh, just the piece of art... Why is this a problem? well... if your mesh extends beyond that, and you are trying too hard to squeeze as much as possible into your atlas, it can be easy to have your mesh go beyond the atlas border, which will cause a crash once you click okay to stop moving the mesh.

BUG #2
When using the "move selected mesh" mode, moving stuff can sometimes cause artifacting in the artwork. LIke little lines, or even missing squares, even though the mesh is not missing any squares. This can also happen when using atlas repacking (which is improved but can still miss things at times). I had some pieces of art that for whatever reason, it just always happens to, no matter what method I used. For those I have to move them by editing the atlas png in an art program.

BUG #3 (possibly mouse bug?)
Sometimes when clicking okay to end the "move selected mesh" operation, or to stop adding mesh, it will register that click as a new point to add mesh, or to move the mesh to that location! This is why I kept getting little islands of meshes now n then when adding mesh in the past.
When this bug happens while moving the mesh, the mesh will be intact, floating outside the atlast. Moving this back into the atlas doesn't restore the art, it will be a mesh with no graphics lol. :shock: Have to reload to a prior save or checkpoint to fix.

I hope this helps you when you get time to work on these bugs someday in the future. I do really like the move mesh feature btw. Very convenient when it works right, which is most of the time.

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Re: Some bugs I found in mesh mode

Post by chong » Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:53 pm

Thanks for the bug reports, those are great! Will see if there are cycles to address some of them for the next update. Most probably I will implement a guard condition where you will be prevented from moving the mesh beyond the boundary of your atlas as the next patch.


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