Animation and saved Window ui requests

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Animation and saved Window ui requests

Post by furrfire » Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:05 pm

You know how the skin swapping window, in animation mode- lets you change skins even while animation is playing? Just a nice simple left click of the mouse and it's done instantly, and the skin swap window stays open for easy access too. A wonderful convenience to be sure.
I would love to see the animation clips window function the same way.
Although you should make a toggle box on the animation clips window for keeping the window open, because we wouldn't always want it to stay open.

where motors, regions, paths, guides--- ya know, those tabs on the right of the screen in animation mode?

Make a tab that says "animations" where we have a nice list right there to pick our anims. That might be perfect, and probably even better then my first suggestion.
Keep in mind that whatever method you might implement- it would be nice to not have to hit the stop button first just to change animations.

I imagine this might be a somewhat difficult thing to do, because right now, all of creature pauses (un-interactable) when the animation clips window is open. So is this something you'd be willing to do?
I think it'd be a nice improvement to workflow, who doesn't frequently go through their animations looking for small discrepancies? :lol:


You said in the past you didn't want to make skin swapping window open by default on animation and rig modes, cause not everyone uses skin swapping. I can understand that, but...
Is there any hope we can get a setting in preferences for this?
Or at least creature remembering I had the skin swapping window open when I last saved, so when I open the project later, it has them open for me still. That might be the best solution here.

I pretty much never want skin swapping windows off. I use it a lot.

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Re: Animation and saved Window ui requests

Post by chong » Thu Sep 12, 2019 6:31 am


The second feature is easier to implement and I can take a look at it for the next update.


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Re: Animation and saved Window ui requests

Post by furrfire » Sat Sep 21, 2019 3:16 am

Thank you for the latest patch which addressed the skin swapping windows. It works good, and I like how you chose to implement it.

I hope you like my other request here about a new way to swap animations, and without having to pause too. Would definitely like to see that implemented someday as well.
Right, back to work I go and thanks again. 8-)

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