WebGL Real-time Demos

This gallery showcases the ability of Creature to export extremely compact, high quality + performant character animations onto the Web. All samples are exported into the CreaturePack format.

High Quality + Compact + Peformance = CreaturePack Animations

CreaturePack is a file format that allows high performance animation data to be saved out in tiny sizes using a variety of mesh compression and frame delta compression techniques.

This means very complex animation can be compressed down to < 1MB in size while retaining most of the original quality. CreaturePack is the perfect delivery mechanism for platforms where size, performance and quality are critical. Mobile and Web platforms are thus very ideal for the deployment of the CreaturePack runtimes.

All animations are rendered out in real-time using the CreaturePack WebAssembly Accelerated Runtimes.

REQUIREMENTS to View Gallery: WebAssembly Enabled Browser required to View these samples.

Running UtahRaptor, Size: 0.23MB

Artwork: Fred Wierum, License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license

Composer FanArt Animation, Size: 0.33MB

Artwork: 捌壹

Running Fox Character, Size: 0.39MB

Flying Phoenix, Size: 0.28MB

Walking Ice Demon, Size: 0.56MB

Artwork by: Katarzyna Zalecka [http://kasia88.deviantart.com], Download Asset Files

Executioner, Size: 0.29MB

Artwork: Copyright O.T.K Games

Cartoon Horseman, Size: 0.49MB

Dancing Maraca, Size: 0.16MB

Artwork: Copyright PlaySTUDIOS

The Reaper, Size: 0.34MB

Artwork: Katarzyna Zalecka. CC-BY-SA 3.0

Pizza Slices, Size: 0.1MB

Chinese Warrior with Cloth, Size: 0.40MB

Artwork CopyRight: 边锋集团

Front Facing Advanced Face Rig, Size: 1.33MB

Artwork: David Revoy , License: CC BY 3.0