Dynamic Flesh, Automated Walking and Flames that Bend with Physics.

Artwork by: Katarzyna Zalecka [http://kasia88.deviantart.com], Download Asset Files

Stunning Animations from a Single Image

A single image is all that is required to animate in Creature. Use Creature's powerful Skeletal Rigging & Animation tools to construct, pose, warp and finally bring your art pieces to life! This approach to animation streamlines your workflow, reduces asset churn and allows you to produce high quality results while dramatically reducing time and cost.

Advanced Volume Preserving Shapes/Skinning

Most skeletal animation software employ LBS(Linear Blend Skinning) as the mechanism to blend between the influence shapes of different bones. In addition to LBS, Creature also employs Dual Quaternion Skinning to produce shapes with noticeably less volume loss when undergoing more extreme bending. This feature gives you smoother, higher quality shapes compared to LBS.

Bone Motors

Automated Procedural Bone Animation is made possible via Bone Motors. A Bone Motor is a component that performs an animated task. In its simplest form, you can perform traditional FK animation on a single bone with a FK motor install. You can install an IK motor on a chain of bones to direct and pose your bones in an IK manner. Of course, FK and IK methods are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of is possible. Want to easily make a floppy tail? Install a Bend Physics Motor that will automatically move fluidly and respond to the actions of the rest of your skeleton. There are Bone Motors that will procedurally generate automated walk cycles. There are also Bone Motors that simulate directible ropes, making them suitable for any kind of motion requiring animatable bend shapes like the necks of animals. This incredibly powerful feature will save time and cost while unlocking the true creative potential of the animation artist.

Mesh Deformation Motors

There are shapes and motion not suitably expressed by skeletal animation alone. For those cases, Creature allows you to install Mesh Deform Motors on the body parts of your character. These powerful components allow for some very advanced animated effects. These include Free-Form Deformation(FFD), the Soft Body Simulation of Flesh/Muscle on the character, the Flapping wings of a bird, the blinking, twising and turning of a monster's eye, the complex warping of the internal regions of a body part for breathing type motions and more.

Path Motion

Easily define spline curves describing motion arcs with Creature. Use the powerful Spline Path Motion Tool to plot out a curve in which animation can be transferred to. Create curves to animate complex motion paths, making such tasks fast, easy and efficient.

Wind Force Field Motors

Install Force Field Motors that apply sophisticated Wind type forces on your character's bones and meshes. This allows you to author and animate complex motion like Cloth effects very easily.

Sprite Swapping

Manage and swap in large numbers of custom drawn sprite frame animations using Creature's powerful Sprite Frame Manager. Best of all, Sprites swapped into Creature can deform and react to the underlying bone and mesh motors. This means you can achieve some very sophisticated effects with sprite animation, like flickering flames that respond to physics or procedural mesh deformations.

Image and Video Rotoscoping

Animation artists require reference images and moving images to aid in the generation of high quality animation. Creature allows the import of external images and movies, making it possible to animate using image aids and rotoscoping.

3D to 2D Mocap Transfer

Mocap Transfer Studio allows you to import Biovision BVH files that contain 3D Motion Capture Data and then transfer that motion onto your 2D character. Using this feature, 3D motion capture data becomes a form of input for animating 2D characters in Creature, allowing you to produce compelling and high quality results in a very short amount of time.

2D Motion Capture and Transfer

Take your imported movie files and run it through Creature's powerful 2D Motion Capture and Transfer process! Motion capture marker points are automatically generated as part of the process and animation curves can be extracted from input video to be used in your animated characters.

Powerful Animation Knot and Spline Editing

Creature provides a spreadsheet like interface to edit your animation data. Use Animation Knot mode to cut, copy and paste multiple animated knots. Slow down, speed up, shift left/right and do other forms of animation retiming easily in Creature. Switch over into Animation Spline mode to obtain full control of your animation curves! Drag and manipulate your curve tangents over time easily using the Animation Spline editor.

Deep AI Walk

Deep AI Walk is a cutting-edge feature for Creature Pro Windows which generates realistic human walk cycles based off 3 input poses using the power of Deep AI. Use this feature to quickly generate fast, high quality customized walk cycles. The results of Deep AI Walk are written into Animation Keyframes to enable further tweaking and direction.
Character Art: David Revoy, CC BY 3.0

Mathematical Function Scripting

Perform complex operations over an entire series of animated data using Mathematical Function Scripting. This feature is catered to advanced users wanting to filter/modify existing animated data using mathemical functions. Turn simple curves into oscillating sine waves. Flip, add or subtract offsets from existing curves and more with this powerful feature.

Ghosting/Onion Skinning

Preview animation poses both forwards and backwards in time using Ghosting/Onion Skinning. This allows the animator to easily time the current animated frame with references to next and previous frames of the animation.

Automated Mesh Generation, Skinning and Weighting

Creature automatically generates animation meshes from image atlases containing character body parts. A whole myriad of options are available to sculpt, refine, subdivide and decimate various body meshes. In addition to that, bone influence weighting can either be done manually through intuitive paint tools or automatically via very sophisticated intelligent weighting algorithms. Mesh and rig up your animated character easily and efficiently with the mesh generation and bone weighting tools.

Project Versioning and Backup

Animation is a process that involves handling large amounts of data. Everytime you save your animation project, a version is archived into the project directory. This allows you to quickly revert to previous versions easily. Never lose results of your previous work with this powerful feature. The number of project versions backed up by this feature is specified by the user.

Mesh Resolution Reduction

A powerful feature of Creature is the ability to let the artist author animations in high resolution meshes and then export the results into lower resolutions. This is very useful to target different devices/hardware with various performance specifications. The resolution reduction algorithms in Creature preserve high quality while enhancing playback speeds during animation export.

3D Face Warping

Take front facing 2D images and 3D warp them using Creature's Face Warp functionality! Face Warping allows you to animate slight rotations and tilts in front facing characters. This powerful feature can be used in conjunction with the motor system of Creature to make front facing rotating facial animations with dynamic hair and expressions.

Rig Import and Transfer

This allows you to import an external rig with bone motor animations into your current setup. It is useful when you want to transfer the bone/rig structure of another character onto a new target with a similar structure but of different appearance. A huge time saver when you need to author multiple characters quickly in your production pipeline

Pose Capture Library and Transfer

Take your favourite Character poses and save them into the Pose Capture Library. Apply this library of poses as separate keyframes when constructing a new animation clip. This feature allows you to quickly block out key poses using your own custom Pose Library, increasing animation efficiency and streamlining workflow.

Animate using Stylus Swipes

This allows you to pose a chain of FK bones in one movement using either the Stylus (Pen & Tablet) or Mouse. Select a chain of FK bones, Shift + Drag to Draw Curve and Pose Bones. A very powerful feature for manually animating complex chains of bones.

GPU Accelerated High Quality Super Sampling Export

Export high quality results in Creature with the aid of Super Sampling. This reduces jagged lines, shimmering and other aliasing artifacts when doing an Image or Video export. The functionality is GPU Accelerated on available hardware platforms, giving you both great performance and superb image quality.

Talking Characters with Lip Syncing

Make your characters talk with Lip Syncing! Creature includes a powerful lip syncing framework via support for the .dat file format generated by the Open Source Papagayo tool. This feature allows you to add talking animation to your characters, enabling the creation of visual novels and content requiring any sort of dialogue motion.

Pixel Art & other Video Effects

The GPU Accelerated Post Process Effects framework of Creature allows you to apply various filter effects to the resulting output video of the animation, including filters for Pixel Art, Shimmer and more. The final video can be exported out as a sequence of images, a Gif or Movie file.

Bring Keyframes to life with Motion Enhancers

The Motion Enhancers feature allows you to manually keyframe your desired poses and let Creature handle the job of adding that extra bounce and life into your animation! Motion Enhancers analyse and process your current input animation, allowing you to add physics, amplification and reduction effects very easily.

Draw Guides

Sketch and Draw outlines or notes directly onto your Animation Canvas! This feature is useful for those working in a Team Studio type environment. Paint strokes on the animation canvas to serve as notes or guidance for animators working on the same Creature Project.

Normal Map and Lighting Preview

The Normal Map and Lighting Preview Tool in Creature allows you to visualize how a character in Creature will be lighted up with an input normal map, allowing for 3D type lighting, depth and bump effects on you characters.
Artwork: Mitchell Vizensky

Image Packer & Native PSD Import

Import multiple images and pack them together into a convenient Texture Atlas using the built in Image Packer. Creature also has native support for characters drawn the Photoshop PSD format. The native PSD Pipeline will automatically create, name and place your various body part layers for you, saving valuable time.
Artwork: O.T.K Games

Rig Templates

Rig Templates allow you to install a pre-built skeletal rig structure from a Creature Rig File onto your current character. It also allows you to group bones to parts, making assignment of Bone Weighting Regions a much more efficient and easier process.

Skin Costume & Item Swap

Easily author swappable costumes, weapons and different looks for your character animations! Each swappable item set can have its own set of custom animation and supports all properties of fully deformable meshes. Skin Swapping is controllable in the Creature Game Engine runtimes for custom gameplay purposes.

Smart AI Auto Rigging

Use the power of Deep Learning to help Automatically Rig your Humanoid Characters! Smart AI Rig is the cutting-edge feature in Creature Pro Windows which harnesses the power of modern AI to rig and weight your characters at the push of a button. Simply provide your character pose and let the AI rig and handle the rest!

2D Animations from 3D Mesh

Create an 2D Animated Character from a 3D Mesh using this cutting edge feature! Take an existing 3D mesh, import it into creature to create a fully animated 2D character that can be lit with 3D Lighting! This allows a 2D character to look as if it were actually animated in 3 dimensions! 3D Normal Maps are automatically generated for you to achieve this astounding effect.

Animation Controllers + Morph Targets

Animate sophisticated effects like 3D Face turning/tracking Morph Pose Targeting, Muscle Pose Activation and more with the power of animation controllers. Morph Targets can be exported and run Real-time in Game Engines.

High Performance Animation Compression

Achieve astounding levels of Animation Compression while playing back extremely High Quality Animation using Creature's Game Export Compression Framework and the CreaturePack Game Engine Runtime.

Flow: Advanced Particle FX

Flow is a powerful procedural node-based Particle Simulation Authoring Tool for Creature Pro. It allows you to animate sophisticated particle-based effects like Fire, Smoke, Fluids, Laser Streams and more!