Character Object ( Animation Mode )

In Animation Mode, when you select a Character in the Scene Browser, the following set of configuratio options are shown:


Animation Clip

Each character can have Animation Clips assigned to it. Each Animation Clip has a frame range ( 0 to 100 for example ). For each Animation Clip, a unique set of Bone Motors and animation keyframes for each motor can be assigned to the character.

Switch Animation Clip

Clicking on the Animation Clip Name pops up a menu to allow you to switch between available Animation Clips.

Animation Clip Operations

There are a group of buttons to the right of the Animation Clip Name button that perform in order the following: - Rename : Renames the animation clip - Add : Adds a new animation clip - Clones : Clones the current animation clip into a new animation clip - Remove : Removes the current animation clip

Animation Clip Frame Range

The Start and End textboxes allow you to enter the frame range of the current Animation Clip.