Animation Knots & Splines

This panel allows you to do all sorts of manipulation operations on animation keyframes. You can alter them via knots ( setting, shifting, deleting etc. ) or actually manipulating the animation curves via bezier splines. Whenever a Bone Object with an assigned Bone Motor is selected, this panel will be populated with the associated knots + splines information.

Animation Knots


Keyframe knots show up as circles in the spreadsheet like panel. You can highlight multiple knots by dragging your mouse over an area of the sheet. Dragging that highlighted area again allows you to move a group of knots to a different time. Pressing Delete on selected cells will delete any knots within those cells ( effectively removing those keyframes ). The buttons on the top allow you to cut/paste/copy keyframe knots.

Animation Splines


If you want to tweak the animation curves themselves ( perhaps to modify the timing for ease-in/ease out), you can use this mode to accomplish that. Each animation curve for each property is displayed over time in the group of cells. Drag on any of the points to manipulate the curves. Dragging on the points in between 2 keyframes allows you to change the tangent handles of the animated bezier curves.