Animation Mode

This describes the Animation Mode for Creature3D.


Elephant Model Artwork Credits: onderonvermez,

Animation Mode is where you take your rigged character and proceed to add animation/motion to your character. There are a couple of panels/controls in Animation Mode which you as an animator using the App need to be aware of.

Animation Player

To play back, step forwards/backwards/jump to a specific frame of your animation, you use the Animation Player panel.


The buttons above allow you to play/pause/forwards/backwards/jump the current animation and/or frame. In addition to that, there are specific keyboard shortcuts for this as well:

  • Backwards : ,
  • Forwards : .
  • Play/Pause : SPACE
  • Jump to First Frame : SHIFT + ,
  • Jump to Last Frame : SHIFT + .

Scene Browser

This tree view shows you all the objects in the scene. You can show/hide bones as well via the checkbox control. You can select multiple objects by holding down the CTRL key and then clicking on the desired object.


Animation Knots/Splines

This panel allows you to add/remove/move/manipulate animation keyframes as well as tweak the animation splines for additional timing controls ( ease-in, ease-out). The functionality is further described in the section about Animation Knots & Splines.


Object Properties

Every object ( bone, mesh, motor, character etc. ) can potentially have a set of properties ( both animatable or static ) which you can set. Each object that is modifiable is described in its appropriate section in this documentation.