Converting Procedural Animation to FK

You can convert from Procedural Animation motors to plain old FK ( aka basic animated knots/splines ) via the Convert to FK function on every Bone Motor. This allows you to easily generate procedural animation, then bake them out to regular old school animation knots/splines for further manual hand tweaking.

How to convert to FK

  1. First, select the bone motor ( either by selecting the bone and clicking on the motor type button or directly selecting the bone motor in the scene browser panel ) Screenshot

  2. Select an option to either to convert just that motor or all motors in the character to FK Screenshot

  3. An option will show up asking you the resolution ( value 1 to 100 ) you want the converted FK knots/splines to be. Select something like 50 to 70 for a reduced knots/spline representation

  4. The motor should now be removed and a new FK Motor with converted knots/splines will be installed: