IK Rotate Motor

This is a sophisticated motor that builds upon the IK Motor and allows for the auto generation of animation like walk-cycles. Please read the section on IK Motor before understanding how the IK Rotate motor works.

Animated IK Cycles

This motor will automatically animate the target point around a user modifiable arc/ellipse/shape. This means the target point will actually traverse the boundary of the arc, with the center of the arc being the target point of IK. By modifying the shape of the arc, one can easily create a path that simulates the stepping of character legs/feet, effectively creating an automated walk cycle motion.

Tips for animating walking motion: 1. Install IK Rotate Motors on 2 legs of your choice 2. Set the speed of the arc traversal via the Frequency property 3. Setup the appropriate shape for the motion by adjusting the RadiusScale/Radius{Pos,Neg} values 4. Make the legs alternate at the correct pace by adjusting the Phase of the legs. Out of phase values will result in an alternate walking motion

Animatable Properties

Properties include the ones from the IK Motor ( read the IK Motor section ) as well as:

  • RadiusPosX : Scale of the arc in positive X
  • RadiusNegX : Scale of the arc in negative X
  • RadiusPosY : Scale of the arc in positive Y
  • RadiusNegY : Scale of the arc in negative Y
  • RadiusScale : Scales the entire arc
  • Frequency : How quickly the animation traverses the arc shape
  • Phase : Which point on the arc the animation starts at, tweaking this allows for overlap/alternate motion between 2 motors