Bone Motors Overview

This document describes the concept of the Procedural Physics + Animation Bone Motor system in Creature3D. All animation in Creature3D takes place using the motor system. Each bone or group of bones in Creature3D can be animated via the concept of Bone Motors. A Bone Motor operates on a single or group of bones and applies animation over time to its target bones based on the specific behaviour of the motor itself. You can have simple motors that perform basic FK Keyframe animation to more complicated IK Rotate Motors that generate automated Walk Cycles or Physics Motors that allow you to easily animate swinging tails/dynamics/secondary motion.

Installing a Bone Motor

To install a Bone Motor, you need to first select a single or group of bones:


If there is no motor assigned to that particular bone(s), then the panel above will be displayed along with the Install Motor button. Click on that button to install a Bone Motor. A popup menu will be shown after that allowing you to select the Bone Motor of your choice to be installed.

Animating Bone Motors

For a bone(s) with a Bone Motor already installed, the following panel is displayed:


Each animatable or static property associated with the Bone Motor is displayed. Enter values into each property's textbox to set/modify keyframe values for that Bone Motor. You can remove Bone Motor associated with the bone(s) by clicking Remove Motor.