Auto Weighting ( Rig Mode )

This mode allows you to automatically weigh the mesh without manual painting.


Auto Weighting works by constructing a bounding cylinder for each bone. You can manipulate the length, size, radius etc. of each cylinder. In general, you want to make sure the cylinder is large enough to cover the points of the mesh associated with the bone you care about. The options are:

-Start Offset : The starting offset of the cylinder -End Offset : The ending offset of the cylinder -Radius : The radius of the cylinder associated with the selected bone -All Scale : Scales the radius of ALL cylinders

Performing Auto Weighting

The buttons below perform operations for Auto Weighting:

-Weight Bone : Auto Weight Selected Bone -Weight ALL Bones : Auto Weight ALL the bones -Remove Weights : Removes/Clears weighting for all bones -Fix Weights : Use this to fix any unweighted points. If you have points on the mesh that are not bound and weighted to any bone, this operation will try to fix that by weighting the point to the nearest bone. Use this to fix any posing issues with your character models