Bones ( Rig Mode )

This mode allows you to create + manipulate the skeletal structure of your rig:


The top three buttons perform: - Add : This adds a new bone, with the parent being the currently selected bone in the rig. To add a bone a the top of the hierarchy, select a mesh to do that - Remove : Removes the currently selected bone. Any child bones are also removed. - Move : This will move the bone to a new place in the hierarchy. A move window will pop up to allow you to pick a new location to move the bone to: Screenshot

Rename Bone

To rename the bone, simply click on the button displaying the bone name. A window will pop up allowing you to provide a new name for the bone.

Mirror Bone

Often times in a Rig, you will have bones that are associated with each other via a Left and Right pairing. For example, you can have a Left Hand and Right Hand bone. Creature3D allows you to have an automatic Mirror Operation for such bone pairs. In order for this to work, you have to ensure: - Bone pairs must either start with a L or R letter. So they will be named something like Lhand and Rhand - Mirrored bones will preserve their displacements while obeying the mirror property in the selected Mirror Direction - You set the Mirror Direction with 3 choices: X, Y, Z

Once the correct naming convention is setup, you can for example, drag LHand and RHand will follow automatically while being mirrored in the desired Mirror Direction. This operation is performed when you click the Run button.