All animation motion in this application is controlled by the concept of Motors. A Motor is simply a component that executes a certain type of behavior on a group of bones or a region mesh. Different types of Motors perform different operations.


In the image above, the Bones category is currently active. This allows the manipulation and installation of Bone Motors. If the Regions category is active, then one can install and edit Region Deformation Motors instead.

Bone Motors

Bone Motors operate on individual or groups of bones in the scene. They perform a variety of tasks, ranging from basic FK(Forward Kinematic) actions to more complicated types of behavior like Rope Dynamics.

Deform Motors

Deform Motors operate on region meshes. These motors typically perform warp or distortion operations on the meshes they are associated with. They are useful for animating things that undergo deformations not typically associated with bone animation like the flapping of a creature's wing or soft body physics.

When exported to Game Engines, scenes with Deform Motors in them will be much larger because the deformation information of every point in the mesh per frame has to be exported into the file.