New CreatureTool Script: Fixing Sprite Swapping Size Issues

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New CreatureTool Script: Fixing Sprite Swapping Size Issues

Post by chong » Tue Oct 13, 2015 5:05 am

Hello all,

Because of the inherent nature of Creature's Mesh deformation framework, swapping raw images onto region meshes in Creature might result in incorrect sizes/distortion. This is because sprite swapping in Creature involves a complicated process of mapping a rectangular image onto a non-regular mesh region. This is a non-trivial image mapping transform.

This can be fixed with the new Sprite Sizer script provided on the CreatureTools Github Page:

The Sprite Sizer Tool essentially reads in images from a provided input folder, resizes those images to the correct aspect ratio and then outputs them back out into a provided destination folder.

The full documentation on how to install and run the tool is now up: ... nager.html

A video tutorial on how to run the tool is also online:



The tool itself lives in the CreatureTools Github Repository:


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