Release 3.39

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Release 3.39

Post by chong » Sat Mar 10, 2018 3:04 am

Notes for new release

Rig Mode Keyboard Delete Fix Delete key conflict bug fix between region deletion and text input field

Proper Keyboard Operations for Text Fields Dark-themed Textbox UI Fields work with Left,Right Arrow Keys, Home,End and proper highlighting/selection operations .

Copy + Paste for Text Fields Dark-themed Textbox UI Fields respond to CTRL+C, CTL+X, CTRL+P Cut, Copy Paste operations

Tab Focus Cycle for Text Fields Dark-themed Textbox UI responds to Tab Key cycle focusing

Scroll Mesh and Bone Listings with Keyboard Arrow Keys Dark-themed List and Tree listings of meshes and bones now allow scrolling via Up/Down Home and End keyboard keys

Textboxes Filter invalid inputs Dark-themed Textbox UI flashes Red if inputs are invalid

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