Release 3.40

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Release 3.40

Post by chong » Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:17 pm

Release Notes for new version

Custom Polygon Slicer Tool New Custom Polygon Slicer Tool allows you to cut/slice custom polygons into 2 separate shapes. Useful for illustration animations.

Custom Polygon Edit Improvements Improving vertex addition operations for Custom Polygon authoring.

Vertex Attachments You can now select mesh points for Vertex Attachments. In Animate Mode, Click Animate -> Vertex Attachments . Unity and UE4 runtimes have already been updated. Tutorials/docs will be up soon.

Vertex Region Attachments (Experimental) You can also paint an entire region of vertices as well. Just like Vertex Attachments but check Vertex Group Paint. Data is exported out into the MetaData and up to the dev to parse in JSON format.

Convert to FK Improvements Much improved Convert to FK functionality, as well as ability to convert motors to Free FK Motors.

Animation Spline Timeline Selection Fixes Fixing bugs associated with multi-selection in Animation Timeline Spline mode.

Export Video now in MP4 format Exporting to video for animations now exports to proper MP4 format instead of WMV.

Region Motors Preserved with new Regions If old regions are replaced with new similarly named regions, region motors will auto sync and be preserved as much as the situation allows.

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