Can I set a frame rate when I export to gif ?

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Can I set a frame rate when I export to gif ?

Post by skydash » Thu May 17, 2018 11:19 pm

Image ... 180518.png

In editor, I can set a playback frame rate in preference.

Then I export to gif.

Image ... 180518.png

Image ... 28x128.gif

I figured it move too fast, so I go to preference. Then, set play back frame rate = 30.
I export again with the same export setting.

But they play animation at the same speed.

To make it looks like slower, I can set a lower delta time. But it may cause my gif have too large file size. And it is not actual frame rate I want.

I do not use .gif animation in games. But gif animation is good for previewing to my co-workers.

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Re: Can I set a frame rate when I export to gif ?

Post by chong » Fri May 18, 2018 2:08 am


There are quite a few online tools to change the FPS of your gif.
For example, there is one here:

There are also command line tools like imageMagick: ... agemagick/

Finally, you can also just export out as raw png frames and encode with your favourite gif encoder which might be more flexible.

The reason why there is no FPS setting for GIF is because technically speaking, GIF does not actually have a FPS setting. It has something called "delay" but that delay value is ignored by quite a few viewers and browsers. Hence, it doesn't always work even if exported with an appropriate delay setting.


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