Release 3.51

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Release 3.51

Post by chong » Sat Sep 29, 2018 5:32 pm

Updates for New Release

Improved IK Performance Multi-chain IK Algorithm has been improved for both posing and stability

Install Motor Fix All motors are now installed at the first frame of animation, reducing potential user error

Shortcut for Animation Controllers ALT+X Shortcut key now displays Animation Controller Window

User-Customizable Hotkeys for Animation Bone Selection User-Customizable Hotkeys are now available for selecting bone children or bone parent in Animation Mode. Go to the HotKeys window in Preferences to configure

Add/Remove Selected Mesh Points for Grid and Poly Mesh Motors Holding down CTRL + Click on a point when animating a Grid or Poly Mesh Motor will now allow you to add or remove the selected point.

Bone Reparenting Fix Bones which are not visible in Rig Mode will not be available for re-parenting, workflow improvement

Simple Transform Mesh Motor Fast Mode Simple Transform Mesh Motor now has a new Fast Mode and runs a lot faster. Select the mesh with the motor installed and click on the Deform Type option to switch between modes.

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