Release 3.52

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Release 3.52

Post by chong » Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:14 am

Updates for new Release

UI/UX Improvements in Curve Editor General UX/UI improvements in Curve Editor, including display of Min/Max values of the entire curve.
Shift/Retiming in Curve Editor You can now shift/retime animation curves in the Anim Spline Curve Editor.

Amplify/Fade/Skew in Curve Editor New GUI handles in Curve Editor now allow you to amplify/fade/skew your selected Curve Knots.

Advanced Easing Functions for Curve Editor New Easing Function feature allows you to add Cubic, Bounce, Elastic etc. easing functions between 2 knots. Simply select a group of curve knots and hit the Graph Easing Function button to ease your animation timings.

Mocap Retargeter Input Fix Fix keyboard input bug of Mocap Retargeter

PSD File Validation Check Importing PSD files now goes through a validation check, informing the user if there are any issues during import
Improved Bone Mouse Selection Accuracy Much improved Bone Mouse Selection Algorithm allowing for more precise bone selection

Export Selected Clips in Game Engine Export You can now pick and choose which clips will be exported out for your Game Engine Exported character

CreaturePack Split Anim Model Format New CreaturePack format support for splitting up Model and Animation data into separate files. This allows optional load time performance optimizations. Unity Runtime has also been updated with new APIs to support this new feature. Model and Anim files are written into the packMdlAnim sub-folder.

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