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Release 3.53

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:53 pm
by chong
Release Notes

Animate Region Mesh Colors Selecting a Region Mesh in Animate Mode now brings up: Red, Green, Blue, Opacity Animation Knots in the Timeline view. Runtimes for UE4, Unity and Godot Engine have been updated. Color Animation requires you to load the MetaData as well in order to run properly. UE4 runtimes require an additional BP Function call on load for activation. Read Docs for more details.

Set FK Angles to Closest Rotation New option in Animate Menu -> Set FK Angles to Closest Rotation. This will fix your rotational angle values for you to make the rotations always rotate to the closest possible angle.

Anchor Point Export Fix Fixing bug to do with Anchor Points when Animation Clips are renamed. Anchor points are now also functional during clip renaming operations.

Sprite Swap Fix for Local Atlas Fixing Sprite Swapping bug for Local Image Swapping when dealing with atlas of non-square ratios