Mask or Clipping Mask and Region Blending Mode Ability

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Mask or Clipping Mask and Region Blending Mode Ability

Post by alejkhan » Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:36 pm


Something I do quite often using Photoshop is creating a shine effect on an image. I do it with the main image layer on the bottom (in this case the word "single") and a gradient line layer on the top.

I move the gradient line layer from one side of the screen to the other to make it "shine." What makes it really look like a light source is when I create a clipping mask from that gradient line layer, so that it only shows up on the word single (you don't see this long white line going from top to bottom of the screen), and setting the blend mode to Overlay to integrate the two images together.

I can use sprite swap in Creature to take frames I make in Photoshop to do this, but the projects I'm working on use MonoGame, which doesn't seem to support sprite swapping or opacity.

Could there be a way to create this same shine effect in Creature? Is there the ability to create a mask based off of a region image? I can import a gradient line, make a region out of it and move it from one side of the screen to another, but I'd like it to stay within the confines of the image in the region below it (the word "single"). Is it possible to change a region's blend mode (multiply, overlay, darken, hue, divide, etc.)? I see you can change its alpha in Rig mode, and you can in the timeline, but again I run into the problem that Creature and MonoGame don't want to play nicely together!

Any advice or help on this would be really helpful! Thanks.

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Re: Mask or Clipping Mask and Region Blending Mode Ability

Post by chong » Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:48 pm


The Monogame runtime does support sprite swapping. In fact, the provided ice demon sample json does sprite swapping when run in the sample.


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