Release 3.56

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Release 3.56

Post by chong » Thu Jan 17, 2019 10:15 pm

Release Notes

Motion Retargeting FBX Import Motion Retargeting now supports FBX import, allowing you to export 2D character animations as FBX and import them to retarget motion onto other characters

Motion Retargeting Algorithm Improvements Much improved Motion Retargeting Algorithm + Robustness for better motion retatargeting results

Motion Retargeting UI/UX Improvements Better UI/UX improvements for Motion Retargeting, including Delete key which removes target bindings and more

Motion Retargeting State Saving/Restoration Motion Retargeting now remembers previous saved bindings/settings if project is saved once the same input FBX/BVH is loaded again

High DPI Display Improvements More High DPI Display improvements for the main toolbar, startup screens and more

Manual Weight Painting Improvements Improved accuracy on Manual Weight Painting adjustments

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