Creature DeepMotion License Changes

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Creature DeepMotion License Changes

Post by chong » Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:03 am

Hello all,

This is a message/announcement for current DeepMotion Creature customers. Our publishing contract with DeepMotion will end on the 30th June 2019 ( end of this month ). Here are some of the details written in a Q&A format:

Will I still be able to use DeepMotion Creature?
You will be able to continue to use your current copy of DeepMotion Creature with no interruptions in the service until your paid for subscription expires. So basically, continue to use it as per normal but you will not be able to renew ( or have to pay again ) for a subscription license.

What happens after my DeepMotion Creature License expires?
All existing DeepMotion Creature users, if they are still wanting to use Creature, should switch over to the license purchased from:

What about the new Licenses on the KestrelMoon website? What is the difference? And what about Enterprise customers?
All licenses moving forwards will be perpetual licenses; this is probably what most people prefer anyway. There is a new Enterprise License ( also Perpetual ) for enterprise customers. Please read the website purchase page for more details.

Any discounts for existing DeepMotion Creature users to switch to the new KestrelMoon licenses?
Glad you asked! Of course there is! For existing DeepMotion Creature customers, you can purchase Creature Pro by just buying the Pro Upgrade. We will give you the Creature Basic license FOR FREE. As you know, Creature Pro = Creature Basic + Pro Upgrade. So essentially, you just need to purchase the Pro upgrade, saving you the cost of the Basic license. This is a 33% discount and a pretty good deal. Please email if you are interested in this offer. Please also provide proof of purchase of your DeepMotion Creature license ( in many cases, the email you purchased the DeepMotion Creature license is good enough )


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