Mac Version Discontinued?

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Mac Version Discontinued?

Post by zenocross » Thu Aug 13, 2020 4:03 pm

Hi Jiayi,

From what I've learned from researching about Creature, I learned that it started as a Mac application and the Windows version was only a port - at least initially. Given this information, I had the assumption that the Mac app would still available somewhere (Especially since the version feature list in the Creature purchase website has "Windows Only" feature listings which makes no sense if the application is Windows only anyway). Either way, I wasn't able to find any mention or reference of the Mac version in the purchase page and I also wasn't able to find any installers for the Mac version which was from a trustworthy site. I have also followed previous App store links, but the listing says that it's not available in your country, which also makes no sense since I have it set to US so I concluded that it IS discontinued after all.

So my main questions are...
1. Is the Mac version really discontinued?
2. If it was, why was it discontinued?

A message in the Download pages about what's going on with the Mac version of the app would help future users as well.

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Re: Mac Version Discontinued?

Post by chong » Fri Aug 14, 2020 8:20 am


Sorry we do not support Mac anymore given its limited GPU choices. Also, the XCode platform has proven a lot more of a hassle for development compared to Windows.


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