Unreal Engine 4.16?

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Re: Unreal Engine 4.16?

Post by sinspaw » Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:45 am


I have seen some strange behavior I would like to ask you about - If I want to add more images to my image altas, I re-import the image and re-mesh the images inside but then, it loses its previous naming and returns all images to TextureMesh01, etc. However, if I go to the Animate and Rig sections, the names have been retained and the functionality with the bones and animation seems to stay the same.

My question is, is there any issue with re-importing the image atlas to add more images to the project? Should I worry about the fact that the names in the Region section have reverted?

Thanks so much again.

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Re: Unreal Engine 4.16?

Post by chong » Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:34 am


The mesh regions are stored separately from your actual rig regions. When you add the mesh regions into your rig in rig mode, they can be renamed as you please. From then on, they are treated as separate entities from the mesh regions themselves. You can think of the mesh regions as a "template" if you will of regions you can add into your rig.

If you want to keep the names retained, you should read up on the PSD ( Photoshop ) import pipeline. Going through that pipeline will keep the names in sync and in general is a safer way to make sure no uvs are scrambled. Having said that for the non PSD pipeline, as long you do not move your older regions around the texture atlas when you re-import ( that is they stay in the same relative place on the texture atlas), your rig uvs will remain the same. Even though the names change after a remesh session, it will not affect your actual rig mesh regions.


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