Bones control in Unity and FBX file

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Bones control in Unity and FBX file

Post by ycg999 » Fri Oct 16, 2020 2:29 am

Hi there,

I use the FBX file the helper mentioned in my last post,but the ordering of image layers are not correct.For example,the face should be covered by hair,but when I imported the FBX file in Unity,face layer are on the top of some hair layers and some other layers having the same problem.How to solve this problem?

What's more,I managed to find specific bones control function by using the following codes with the default Creature Export files:

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void UpdateBonesToCustomPositions(Dictionary<string, MeshBoneUtil.MeshBone> bones_map)
        var LeftArmStart = bones_map["Bone_16"];
        *then is some control codes...
But that function is just controlling the root bone instead of controlling the bone chain with all of its child bones,any idea if I want to control the whole bone chain just like in Creature?

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Re: Bones control in Unity and FBX file

Post by chong » Sat Oct 17, 2020 12:22 am


When you export to FBX, there is a "Export Region Z Delta" which determines the z displacement depth for region mesh.
You can increase that to if you have overlapping regions. If they are still overlapping, then from our experience it's a Unity shader issue/rendering issue. It's a matter of picking the write shaders or rendering settings to make sure it respects the Z displacement ( this should be in the Unity docs )

For modification of bones, it modifies the current bone's world transform. You will have to write code to propagate the transform down to the child bones.


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