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Post by Tom891 » Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:47 am

I'm testing your program. Very promising tool. I'm mainly interested in MotionCapture retargeting. I have a few comments.

In the version for macOS function Run Curent does not work properly. Often times the bones after taking this function do not comply with the mocap. Function Run All works correctly.

Suggestions for new features.
Possibility to turn off transfer rotation. Now we can turn off the position transfer, but sometimes we would be willing to turn off the rotation or reduce their range.

Possibility of transfer rotation and/or position from bones to IK motor. In this way the professional mocap systems retarget the leg movement. IK is very easy to make corrections, FK is not. Especially on legs.


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Re: Mocap

Post by chong » Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:20 pm


Thanks for the mocap suggestions and tips! I should be able to address quite a few of your issues. Those have all be logged and will be looking into them for future updates. For the Run Current functionality, the calculations will have a more difficult time matching the motion since there are a lot more variables involved, the Run All takes into account the entire rig and thus can make a more accurate match of the overall motion.

Update: I should be able to add IK targeting + Rotate Scaling functionality for the next updates ( you should be able to see the update changes on the Mac App Store for Mac, check the App Update Changes on its Mac App Store Page. )


The new rotate scale functionality is now undergoing testing. The default is in the middle ( default scale, same behavior ). You will be able to ramp it up to exaggerate or tone down the motion with this new control.


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