UE4 Translucent materials with Creature plugin

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UE4 Translucent materials with Creature plugin

Post by milan.mancel » Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:13 am


when using FBX for animations in UE4 there is issue with translucent sort priority (issue of UE, not Creature) as skeletal mesh is rendered as one big mesh and Z order of sometimes work for "submeshes" and sometimes not.

How are mesh regions rendered when using Creature plugin? I suppose that all are rendered as separate meshes - because there is possibility to do image swapping and setting opacity of individual regions.

If that's true, then translucent materials should be not an issue with plugin in this case.

Is it true?

Thanks a lot for this excellent tool!


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Re: UE4 Translucent materials with Creature plugin

Post by chong » Sun Mar 05, 2017 6:13 pm


So when you are using the FBX export for Creature in UE4, the entire character is exported as one big mesh. You can check this yourself with an external tool like Maya or Autodesk's free FBX viewer I believe.

I can double check again how the export process writes out the data but that's what I can gather for right now looking at how it is processed. The exported FBX is an Autodesk compliant FBX mesh and shouldn't have anything special or strange about it.


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