Sprite Bump Documentation


Sprite Bump is an advanced 2D Normal Map Generation Tool. It takes in a single 2D image and generates a normal map and optional ambient occlusion map for use in 3D Lighting for realtime Game Engines ( Unreal Engine, Unity etc. ) Any engine that has access to the basic Pixel Shader pipeline can utilise Sprite Bump in its shading pipeline.

Video Tutorials

Introduction and Basic Functionality: Non

Authoring Ambient Occlusiona and Specularity Maps: Non

Project Creation


When you first load up Sprite Bump, the Project Wizard prompts you to Create Project. Click on that and fill in:

Creating the new project will automatically generate for you a starting Normal Map and Ambient Occlusion Map.


Normal Map Generation


The Generate Normal Map mode is the main mode you work in during the editing and generation of Normal Maps. In the General mode, you first generate your base Normal Map with the following options:


Smart Surface

Smart Surface is a very powerful feature of the Normal Map Generation process. It will attempt to reconstruct the surface of the image based off colour and lighting conditions. In order to use Smart Surface, enable the Smart Surface Active check box.

You also have 2 more options to play with:

Without Smart Surface:


With Smart Surface:


Notice how much more pronounced and higher quality the various bumps/surfaces of the image are when Smart Surface is applied.

Normal Map Painting

You can paint directly on Normal Maps. There are various ways to do painting. You can either paint directly on the surface, paint a texture pattern on top of it or blur the surface.

Regular Brush Paint


Texture Brush Paint


Blur Brush Paint


Ambient Occlusion Map Generation

Ambient Occlusion is the process that tries to produce a simplified version of the Global Illumination effect. The end result is that your images will have much nicer self-shadowing effects and generally looks more realistic when used with a Physically Based Renderer.


You can view and generate Ambient Occlusion Maps in the ambient occlusion mode. There are a couple of options for Ambient Occlusion generation:

Viewing Normal Map

You can view your generated normal map in this mode.


Animation Preview

Sprite Bump allows you to preview animation with your generated Normal Map using characters exported with the Creature Animation Tool.

Export Animation

In Creature, go into Animation mode, click on Export -> Game Engines and then proceed to export your character into JSON format.

Loading Animation

In Sprite Bump, switch to Animation Preview mode and click on Load Creature Animation. Select the exported Creature JSON to preview the animation:


Recording Animation

You can also record the animation as a series of sprite frames or video. Switch the the Record mode to do so.


After the frames are captured, the actual process of video encoding is done in the background, allowing you to continue working without interruption.